Production Delivery Information

1, The first payment will be used as transport and administration cost such as document making and the verifications therefore. It is also regarded as the warranty of the further payments.

2, You must be responsible for the correctness of the basic registrations infilled in the agreement of payments by terms. If we find the given information of you doesn’t conform with your official registration such as your name and address, then we have the right to confiscate your warranty.

3, If you don’t like the product you booked, you must return it as soon as possible in 7 days. Within 7 days there will be no cost for the returning production. After 7 days the transportation cost will be taken for you in case of returning. And the returned production should follow the terms and conditions of our return production.

4, The rest payments will be done in another 5 months starting from the contract date of next month. The contract of pay by terms will be made in maximal 2 working days after you pay the first payment. The rest debit will be equally divided by 5.

5, By earlier paying off, you should send this request to us by e-mail. And we will give you a special payment link to your email box with 8% discount of the rest debits.

6, By too late payment, we will send you in the first instant a warning message by email and after 1 week if we still can not receive your payment, we will call you if there is a valid telephone number of you. 2 weeks after your undue payments we will add 10% rent to the rest debits and we will send your undue payment to our official debt collection agency. And you are fully responsible for the eventual extra cost by this.

7, By signing of our contract means you are completely agreed with the conditions of contract of payment with 5 terms. By regretting after the first payment especially the production is transported, there will be at least an administration cost bonded to you.