Order the personalized sex doll according to your wishes from 319 euro

Click the link here next https://www.eurobuy.site/index.php?route=product/category&path=61 and you will be guided to another website of us which you can order the sex pop you wish and design. www.eukd6.com

Our guarantees of this kind order: sex pop is made at your favorite choices and desires and the price is cheapest.

You can choose not only the model, different hair color, body length but also functions of artificial intelligence added to the pop such as sucking vagina, moving body or groaning by touching…

Because the order needs to be personalized according to your own choices and tastes and the transport is done by sea, it will take long delivery time than normal (±40 days).

The personalized silicone TPE sex dolls are at least 150 cm (319 euro) and lifelike from head to toe. The price is at least 200€ cheaper than other sellers. The more features you take the more cheaper you will notice if you compare with the ready-made sex pop with so many functions.

Please note: this cheapest sex doll cannot be ordered from this website!

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